Posted by: rshalomw | December 17, 2011


Once again, the radicals of America will hate this, because it brings their evil deeds to the light.  A cockroach hides from the light, and so the Cockroach like  Liberal radicals of America will panic over this post.  I thank my friend for sending me the following info.  It is not too late to defeat the Communists again.

A Real Eye Opener

It has always been in my mind the Communist party sure has been quiet…Russia and the U.S. used to be the Super Powers, then Russia faded quietly into the background….but I always thought…..what are they up to….AFS…..always being a questioner…for some reason I never said it out loud….it appears they reached

their goals!  Now, how do we get out of this????

From: ct: RE: IT ALL STARTED IN 1958

Sure looks and sounds familiar when you just think about the past 5 or 10 years; much less the last 53….

All Americans should see this video. Unfortunately, even those who see it will not believe it. Tragically, this is part of the reason our morality is in a cesspool today. Morality is only one part of the master plan, which is well under way to their stated success. All this started a little over 50 years ago, and they have made significant progress. Watch and share….



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