Posted by: rshalomw | December 13, 2011


A friend sent me the following statement that pinpoints the truth about whether the Palestinians really want peace:

 There will be no lasting peace because the Palestinians do not want peace.  They want to see the Jewish people killed and Israel destroyed.  We must repeat this basic truth again and again because the media is so committed to hiding it.

The Israeli government has once again asked the Palestinians to resume peace talks, as requested by the Quartet for Middle East Peace (US, EU, UN and Russia).  Once again the Palestinians have refused.  They say they will only return to talks if Israel agrees to freeze all building activity in Jerusalem and agrees to return to the 1967 borders.  It should go without saying, but when you hear news from the Middle East about Israel’s reluctance to make peace, remember that peace talks can’t even begin unless Israel gives the other side everything they want in advance!  No sane person would ever enter negotiations on that basis.


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