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The following article by Mark Tapson provides an excellent analysis of a an issue that Pro-Islamists fail, in that their perceptions do not line up with facts.  Muslims and Non-Muslims must face the truth:

How Islam Can
Gain Respect
By Mark Tapson
Relations between
“the Islamic world”
and “the West,” are
strained. What must Muslims
who want respect for their
religion do to earn it? Here are
ten suggestions.
FIRST UP: Stop Attacking Us!
10. Stop waging violent jihad.
If Muslims are tired of having
“Muslim” and “terrorist” linked,
stop committing acts of terrorism
in the name of Allah and his
prophet. Striving to live up to
Islam’s Religion of Peace label
would be a good-faith gesture.
It’s certainly the most urgent step
to take, and the most necessary
—without it, none of the subsequent
suggestions will matter.
Discontented with their leaders,
Iranians took to the streets following
the “elections” in 2009. Their energies
were spent with little to show for it.
The old guard tightened its grip, and
business returned to usual—or so we
Most recently, however, Muslim
Tunisians threw off their tyrannical
leader. Not long after, Egyptians
protested their regime. Authorities in
Islamic Yemen, and dictatorial, Arab-
Muslim rulers in Jordan and Saudi
Arabia fear that their undoing may
be at hand.
Conspicuous by its absence in Middle
Eastern events is the mention of Israel.
For years, we have heard how the Jews
in a shrinking strip of land called Israel
are the region’s problem—and the
world’s. Ignoring the real troublemakers,
the world press and even churches
repeatedly call for concessions from
the Jewish State in order to bring about
the peace everyone craves.
These recent events in the Middle
East reveal that the modern version
of the “Jewish problem” only deflects
attention away from real problems and
creates Jewish scapegoats. This is an
age-old ploy.
Muslims killed a million Muslims in
the Iran-Iraq (Shiite-Sunni) war. What
did that have to do with Jews in Israel?
Nothing! Islamic abuse and genocide
claim thousands of lives in the Sudan,
and displace millions. What does that
have to do with Jews and Israel?
Nothing! The truth is that millions of
Muslims being slaughtered, displaced,
and abused by their own has nothing to
do with Jews! Millions of Jews in Israel
(and worldwide) are determined to
make peace with the “warriors of the
sand.” Despite the fact that Israelis sign
treaties, give away land for peace, and
endeavor to act humanely, Jews are
castigated as a scourge on the world.
Current events in the Middle East prove
the madness of the position, do they
not? It’s time people woke up to what’s
really going on in the world—and our
media-ministry plays a part in helping
to do that.
For Muslims who don’t plot or commit acts
of terrorism, confront your co-religionists
who do.
9. Cooperate to the fullest with law enforcement
to root out the terrorists in your midst.
The new chairman of the House Homeland
Security Committee recently said: “When
I meet with law enforcement, they are
constantly telling me how little cooperation
they get from Muslim leaders.”
8. De-radicalize your mosques.
80% of all mosques in the U.S. are controlled
by the fundamentalist Wahhabi
strain of Islam preaching Jew-hatred, the
supremacy of sharia [Islamic] law, and
the downfall of democracy.
7. Start respecting the rights of women.
One of the West’s bigger bones to pick
with the Muslim world is the latter’s
(mis)treatment of women.
6. Start reciprocating religious tolerance.
There is no more religiously tolerant
country than the U.S. By stark contrast, no
Bibles, churches, temples, or synagogues
are allowed on the Arabian Peninsula,
the home of Islam. The Koran mandates
Jew-hatred and Mohammed commanded
death for those who leave Islam. Want us
to respect Islam? End the persecution of
non-Muslims, reciprocate religious tolerance,
and abolish the death penalty for
“apostasy.” Then we’ll talk.
5. Update your penal code from “medieval.”
Our own legal system is far from perfect,
but sharia is the very definition of draconian.
It includes lashings for drinking alcohol,
amputations for thievery, beheadings
for more serious crimes, and
—the real gem in sharia’s
crown—the stoning of adulterers.
4. Let the whole cartoon thing go.
“Taking offense” is not a license for
frenzied rioting, murder, and mayhem.
3. Stop trying to curtail and criminalize
our free speech.
Stop hammering away at our right to
critique any and all ideas. The West too
often preemptively censors itself: Yale
University Press is publishing a book
about the Danish cartoons that will not
include the cartoons themselves.
2. Stop letting the Muslim Brotherhood
speak for you.
The Muslim Brotherhood has shrewdly
established its presence in America through
a complex network of front groups—most
notably CAIR, the Council on American-
Islamic Relations, which has positioned
itself as the representative voice of all
1. Start taking responsibility for your own
destiny instead of blaming the West.
The West has notions of self-reliance and
free will, the Arab world is characterized
by their mantra of “Inshallah,” or “If God
wills it,” used in reference to virtually
every action.
To earn the West’s respect, Muslims must
stop shrugging “Inshallah” about everything,
stop laying the blame for their conditions
on conspiracy theories of Western
imperialism and thievery, and actively
take responsibility for a better future and
a peaceful, shared destiny with the West.


“Why?” …because YouTube has a history of pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel monitoring with respect to these types of videos! 

The Fogel family massacre (Click on title)

Posted: 13 Mar 2011 12:32 AM PST

It took YouTube and Facebook all of two hours to remove this film.

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