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President Obama said the following words for his 2010 Ramadan speech:

 “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

There is no justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings for anyone who is not a Muslim , and history is clear on how many Muslims have been killed by Devout  Muslims (those who follow the Quran and the Hadith).

Check out the following website for the facts on Islam:

Read the following article by Son of Hamas:

An open letter to my Muslim brothers and sisters

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1942. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Hussaini visits the Muslim storm troopers of the Bosnian SS.

The world condemned Nazi Germany for trying to conquer the world. But it affirms and accommodates Islam which commands Muslims to replace the nations with a global caliphate.

The world condemned Adolph Hitler for believing that Aryans were the master race, created by God to rule the world and who considered all others to be Untermenschen, racially inferior. Non-Aryans were pollution, garbage to be swept up and shoveled into landfills and incinerators. Yet the world ignores a fundamental doctrine of Islam that lists “disbelievers” amongst “types of filth and impurities” which include “urine, feces, semen, carrion, blood of carrion, dogs and pigs.”  1

The world condemned Hitler as a racist who systematically slaughtered as many as 17 million Jews, ethnic Poles, Romani, Soviet civilians and POWs, disabled people homosexuals and political opponents in six years. But despite its vow of “Never again!” it sticks its head deep into the oil-soaked sand and pretends that Islam has not turned the world red with innocent blood for more than fourteen centuries.

Hitler publicly condemned prostitution, yet ordered Himmler to establish brothels for German soldiers, forced laborers and prisoners. 2 Muhammad established one moral code for Muslims and another for himself, one that allowed him at the age of 53 to take a nine-year-old child to bed as his wife. 3 Yet, how many of you today dream of such a thing for your little girls? And if not, are you greater than your Prophet?

Muhammad declared it. The Qur’an mandates it. Yet most Muslims deny it.

How can this be?

The “great masses,” Hitler wrote, ” . . . more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big.” 4

Point for point, the Prophet and the Führer agree. Point for point, Mein Kampf nods to the Qur’an.

Hitler was a terrorist. 5 So was Muhammad. 6

Hitler murdered those who opposed him. So did Muhammad.

Stop believing the Big Lie, my brothers.

Be furious with me for what I am saying. Fill my blog with outraged comments quoting suras that contradict those that I cite here, as evidence that I am wrong. They will only prove that I am right. The Qur’an, which all Muslims must believe to be the infallible word of God, is riddled with contradictions and factual and historical errors. No? Go to and read for yourself what Muslim scholars say, verse by verse, about their holy book.

You who are outraged, how well do you know your Qur’an? Have you read it, studied it? Do you understand it? For centuries, Christians knew only what their priests told them. They did not have access to Scripture. Martin Luther changed that in 1522, when he published the New Testament in the language of the people. Nevertheless, even with the abundance of resources, translations and paraphrased versions, half of today’s Christians do not know their Bible. 7

Unfortunately, it is the same with most Muslims.

What is Islam to you? Culture or life? Divine truth or superstition? Something you know or only believe? Your faith or just your inheritance?

A “moderate” Muslim is not one who is not violent; he is one who is simply uninformed. It is not that he is not an extremist; it is that he is apathetic. The God of the Bible says, “because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” 8 The god of the Qur’an holds the same opinion.

Please stop being lazy. Begin showing love for your families and your neighbors by reading your Qur’an and your Hadith, and asking the inevitable questions.

The Prophet and his book are not merely mistaken; they are wicked. Hitler killed countless millions on the battlefields and in his extermination camps in six years, but Muhammad has been killing steadily since the seventh century—Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims. The Qur’an commands even the slaughter of its own.

You are the only hope the world has of crushing the Big Lie. Christians cannot stop it. The secular world is afraid to try.

Your weapon is truth. First, you must love and respect your religion enough to learn the truth; then you must love your neighbor enough to share that truth.

*  *  *

1. “Muslim students ‘being taught to despise unbelievers as filth,’” Sean O’Neill, The Sunday Times, April 20, 2006

2. “Secrets of Nazi camp brothels emerge in German exhibition,” Reuters, November 7, 2007

3. D.A. Spellberg, Politics, Gender, and the Islamic Past: the Legacy of A’isha bint Abi Bakr, Columbia University Press, 1994, p. 40

4. Mein Kampf, volume 1, chapter 10, paragraph 31, Manhein translation

5. Mein Kampf, volume 2, chapter 5

6. The Qur’an, sura 5, chapter 60 (Shakir)


8. The Holy Bible, NIV, Revelation 3:16

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