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The American Administration is playing rhetoric games with Iran, while they in turn work over-time to concoct their evil plan to cause havoc from sea to shining sea.  If you are not aware of what an EMP attack is, the following article will open your eyes to it’s reality, in spite of what foolish people call science- fiction.

General Session Message Delivered by Brigitte Gabriel
at the EMPACT America
“Protecting America Against Permanent Continental Shutdown
from Electromagnetic Pulse” Conference
September 9, 2009
Looking out, I see among you, scientists, engineers, tacticians, and
politicians, experts all in your field. One universal concept common to all of
us is the concept of the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Conquest – War-
Famine and Death.
Everyone in this room is intimately familiar with the method which can
unleash their cruel curse upon our nation…. It’s an EMP attack triggered by
just one nuclear device optimally deployed above our country. It is the
greatest potential for destruction with the least amount of weaponry. This is
the ultimate in asymmetrical warfare, nuclear style. I believe that when
we understand Islam’s past history of conquest and jihad, we will know
where the “Mullocrocy” in Iran is dead-set in going in the future.
Soon after the death of Muhammad 1,400 years ago Islam burst out of
Arabia and spread all the way to India, Spain, Southern Europe and China,
becoming the supreme religion throughout the world. At one point Islam
covered more of the earth’s surface than the Roman Empire did at its peak.
The resulting Caliphate survived 300 years of the Crusades trying to push
it back, ultimately collapsing and unable to defeat Islam.
By the end of the 18th century, Europe’s Industrial Revolution and
organized resistance had given them the power to expand globally. The
endurance and military superiority the early Crusaders lacked, enabled 17th
and 18th century Europe to push the Muslims back into the Middle East and
North Africa.
By 1905 the West had liberated most of its territory conquered and
savaged by Islam, and declared an economic and military victory. The
Islamic Empire finally ended in 1924 in Turkey by President Attaturk, less
than one hundred years ago marking the end of 1,300 years of Islamic rule.
Today this Islamic decline to Western power is a painful insult to many in
the Muslim world. How could Christianity have overcome Islam? These
infidels are inferior to Islam, they are cursed by Allah, they have submitted
to Islam for nearly fourteen centuries. Their religions are inferior to Islam,
the true path and Allah’s religion on earth. The Ummah-the Islamic world,
was and is still in shock.
Today Muslims are using their oil wealth and prosperity to finance terrorism
and return the spread of Islam throughout the world. The transfer of
Western technology into Islamic hands is revitalizing the Islamic vision for
the renewal of its world supremacy.
In 1979 Khomeini came to power believing it was time to establish a
successful Islamic theocracy in Iran. He looked at America and called it the
“Great Satan” because America symbolized the triumph of Judeo-Christian
societies as the superpower of the world economically and militarily.
The Iranian government went on to develop a jihadist army. They adopted
a long-term political strategy using Islamic ideology as their base. Militarily,
in 1982 Khomeini combined eleven Islamic terrorist organizations in
Lebanon into a proxy army called “Hezbollah,” The party of Allah, which
now has cells worldwide and has committed terror acts on four continents.
The Iranians, who are Shiite Muslims, have never garnered the respect of
the rest of the Islamic Sunni world. They feel they have been shortchanged
by the Sunnis and deprived of the respect they deserve as the proper
descendents and blood line of Prophet Mohammed. They are even more
infuriated because parts of the Islamic world in general, and Saudi Arabia,
Egypt, and Jordan in particular, have partnered with America. Adding insult
to injury, two of these three countries have signed a peace treaty with
Israel, the devil itself.
Not only do the Iranian Shiites feel vindictive but they also feel they can
play a central role in the future of Islam’s domination over the world. They
have an apocalyptical belief that they can have a direct hand in ushering
back their Islamic messiah, the Mahdi or the 12th Imam who disappeared
as a child centuries ago. This Mahdi’s return will usher in Islam as the
supreme religion in the world.
Even though the idea of a messiah is a part of Christianity and Judaism,
there is nothing we can do as Christians and Jews to hasten the return of
Jesus in Christianity or the Messiah in Judaism. Our Bible says we do not
know the day nor the hour. In Islam however, the Shiites believe they can
actively participate in preparing his way by creating a world catastrophe
according to their teachings. The Mullahs in Iran believe they are THE
APPOINTED ONES to make it happen.
Official Iranian radio and television began broadcasting series about the
return of the Mahdi this year. The series detailed the imminent appearance
of a messianic figure who will defeat Islam’s enemies and impose Islamic
Shiite rule over the entire world – even speculating on specific dates the
so-called “Mahdi” will be revealed. While we think this is crazy, the whole of
Iran is buzzing with excitement and anticipation.
The program was called “The World Toward Illumination”. Here is a quote
from the program:
“In short, when he reappears, peace, justice and security will overcome
oppression and deceit and ONE GLOBAL government, the most perfect
ever, will be established.” “Liberal democratic civilization” will be found
only in “history museums.”
All Iran is buzzing about the Mahdi, and the role Iran and Ahmadinejad are
playing in his return. There is even a Mahdi Messiah hotline where people
can dial in and hear the latest about his imminent return. Iran’s Supreme
Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called on Muslims last week in
neighboring countries to intensify preparations for the coming of the Islamic
Messiah. He specifically urged Muslims to mobilize forces to defeat
the United States and Israel.
“We have to train honest forces that can stop the obstacles that may
hinder the coming of the Mahdi, like the United States and Israel,”
With the development of modern weapons of war, the waging of jihad is
potentially far more effective in fighting a war of Asymmetrical proportions.
The leaders of Iran who are planning on a worldwide apocalypse get a
“two-fer” if they successfully trigger an EMP attack on the U.S. They get to
topple the “Great Satan” and initiate worldwide economic turmoil ushering
in the Mahdi.
Make no mistake. Iran intends to do it. IT’S NOT A THREAT. IT’S A
PROMISE. When the Mullocracy choreographs tens of thousands of
Revolutionary Guards simultaneously beating on their chests and
screaming “DEATH TO AMERICA”, they mean it. Remember, this is the
regime that sent human waves of teenage boys to clear mine fields during
the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s. If the mullahs were willing to use a
generation of Iranian boys as human mine sweepers, do you think they
would hesitate for one instant if they could cripple the “Great Satan” with
Anyone with experience in the combat arts understands the concept
of “telegraphing your punches”. It means letting your enemy know what
you are going to do. Normally, telegraphing your punch opens you up to a
devastating counter-punch. You don’t have to be Sun Tzu or Napoleon to
understand that is not a good idea. So Iran has been telegraphing an EMP
punch for a decade.
They are telling us what they intend to do! Let’s listen!
The 9/11 commission report said :”We lacked imagination.” We
cannot today say, knowing what we know about Iran, that we lack
An EMP attack, will render America irrelevant overnight and dangerously
impair its military’s command structure, not to mention the economic
collapse that will be induced in Western nations. Then Israel will be on its
own for Iran to wipe off the map. This will begin the domino effect required,
to prepare the way for the Mahdi.
Iran will assume immediate leadership over the Ummah (Islamic nation)
worldwide. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, who have put their eggs in
America’s basket will be brought into submission by Iran who has already
developed respect from and a coalition with the new world leaders: Russia
and China. The Shiites will finally have their rightful place in the leadership
of the Islamic nation following Mohammad’s blood line. This will correct the
wrong done to them by the Sunnis for centuries, and usher in the Shiite
The key to all this is an EMP attack against America.
So…What has the United States done to counter this threat?
Almost nothing. Closer to nothing than almost.
In fact, the Obama Administration has abandoned all pretense of
preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. This is the opinion of
sources as diverse as the Christian Science Monitor, the authoritative
Iranian newspaper Kayhan and many experts gathered at an August 10-13
international conference on Iran organized by the Konrad Adenauer
Foundation. Instead, the Obama administration has accepted that Iran is
going to develop nuclear weapons, but believes that with clever and/or
muscular diplomacy, Iran can be “deterred” from using them.
Obama’s entire strategy for “deterring” a nuclear-armed Iran consists of a
combination of entreaties, enticements, empty threats and self-deceptions.
In the category of “empty threats”, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton floated
the idea that the United States would extend a “defense umbrella” over the
Middle East “once [the mullahs] have a nuclear weapon.” Secretary
Clinton doesn’t say “…if they get a nuclear weapon…”; instead she says
“…once they have a nuclear weapon.” However, once they have a
nuclear weapon, and use it in their planned “Scud-in-a-Bucket” EMP
attack on the United States, Secretary Clinton’s putative “defense umbrella”
will remain neatly folded in the State Department umbrella stand.
The mullahs know this. Among them, Obama, his policy, and his minions,
are the subjects of ridicule and contempt. Khamenei’s house organ
Kayhan states that the Obama administration is, and I quote, “begging Iran
for dialogue – in very disrespectful language, like uncultured cowboys.”
Remember they are not talking about the “uncultured cowboy” George W.
Bush. They are calling Barack Hussein Obama, he of the extended hand,
a “begging… uncultured cowboy.”
Our President must be brought to understand the apocalyptic visions of the
Iranian mullah regime and why They Must Be Stopped now. Therefore, it is
our duty, those of us who understand this threat, to organize in whatever
way we can, to put pressure on our government to immediately support a
strong diplomatic front, consider possible preemptive action and hasten
development of our missile defense system.
Realizing that we need to mobilize the grassroots in a national security
force, I founded ACT! for America two years ago. Today ACT! for America
is 62,000 members strong, with 310 chapters nationwide represented by a
full time lobbyist on Capitol Hill., We are committed to getting your
information to the masses so they can do their part in lobbying their elected
representatives to move forward on strongly deterring and ultimately
defeating an EMP attack.
Speaking for the millions of Americans who go about their daily lives totally
unaware of this imminent threat we face, I thank you for your wisdom, for
your research and for your sounding the alarm…. And I thank you for
offering solutions for our defense. I now encourage you to be steadfast in
continuing your work, to be steadfast in telling our government that it must
be ever so diligent in thwarting the capability of our enemy in carrying out
their threat. As the founder and President of ACT! for America I offer up the
combined efforts of our membership and chapters in taking YOUR
message from the grassroots up and from Capitol Hill down to enable our
local, state, and national governments and private industry to protect us.
Let us all pledge to one another that the four horsemen of the apocalypse
will never be unleashed upon our nation nor the world under our watch.
Thank you and God bless America.

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