Posted by: rshalomw | November 26, 2008


On 11/9/08 a radical homosexual group, Bash Back, invaded a church in Lansing, Michigan.  They disrupted the service and  shouted obscenities and blasphemed
the name of Jesus.  They mockingly carried a pink upside down cross.  Read the full story at the following link:

Here is my challenge to Bash Back.  Do the same things you did at the church in Lansing, at a Mosque in America.  The good news is that you don’t need to be concerned about being arrested.  The bad news is that you are likely to be carried out of that Mosque in body bags.  Islamic Law teaches that homosexuality is punishable by death  (Sura 7: 80-84) Christians will not kill you, but are praying for you to turn form the sin of homosexuality.


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