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Dr. Alveda C. King ( The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) has written very insightful words on the truth about the Democratic party.  One needs to heed her words.  The Democratic Party has hoodwinked many into believing a lie.

Dr. Alveda C. King
America has entered into a
covenant or a culture of death.
May God have mercy, and
restore us to a covenant of life!
Isaiah 28:15 – Because ye have
said, We have made a covenant
with death, and with hell are we at
agreement; when the overflowing
scourge shall pass through, it shall
not come unto us: for we have made
lies our refuge, and under falsehood
have we hid ourselves:
Isa 28:18 – And your covenant
with death shall be disannulled, and
your agreement with hell shall not
stand; when the overflowing scourge
shall pass through, then ye shall be
trodden down by it.
As a Christian Civil Rights Activist,
I can remember a time in America
when black people looked to God for
answers. This recollection brings to
mind a startling revelation: God is not
a Democrat, nor a
Republican! In light
of the emergence
of a black man
as a presidential
contender this
election season, we
might do well to take
note that it is not
the political party or the man, but the
message that is imperative.
In his “I Have a Dream” speech, my
uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
said: “I have a dream that my four
children will one day live in a nation
where they will not be judged by the
color of their skin, but by the content
of their character.”
Today, as enlightened, informed
African-Americans living in America,
we must demand that candidates
represent our views — and always
vote your values!
As a Republican, my goal is always
to seek the will of God for good
government, and then to demand
By Dr. Alveda C. King – Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
accountability from all elected
leaders. We are off track, seeking
solutions from government, when we
should be seeking the grace of God!
A brief history lesson can reveal how
we got to a place of looking to man
instead of God for answers.
In 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy
defeated sitting Vice President Richard
Nixon in the bid to become president.
The black vote swung the tide!
My grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther
King, Sr., or “Daddy King”, was a
Republican and father of Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr. who was a Republican.
Daddy King influenced a reported
100,000 black voters to cast
previously Republican votes for
Senator Kennedy even though
Kennedy had voted against the 1957
Civil Rights Law. Mrs. King had
appealed to Kennedy and Nixon
to help her husband, and Nixon
who had voted for the 1957 Civil
Rights Law did
not respond. At
the urging of his
advisors, Kennedy
made a politically
calculated phone
call to Mrs. King,
who was pregnant
at the time,
bringing the attention of the nation
to Dr. King’s plight.
Moved by Mrs. King’s gratitude for
Senator Kennedy’s intervention,
Daddy King was very grateful to
Senator Kennedy for his assistance
in rescuing Dr. King, Jr. from a life
threatening jail encounter. This
experience led to a black exodus
from the Republican Party.
Thus, this one simple act of gratitude
caused black America to quickly
forget that the Republican Party
was birthed in America as the antislavery
party to end the scourge of
slavery and combat the terror of
racism and segregation. They quickly
forgot that the Democratic Party was
the party of the Ku Klux Klan.
Banished from memory was the fact
that the Democratic Party fought to
keep blacks in slavery and in 1894
overturned the civil rights laws of
the 1860’s that had been passed by
Republicans, after the Republicans
also amended the Constitution to
grant blacks freedom, citizenship and
the right to vote.
Forgotten was the fact that it was
the Republicans who started the
HBCU’s and the NAACP to stop the
Democrats from lynching blacks. Into
the dust bin of history was tossed the
fact that it was the Republicans led by
Republican Senator Everett Dirksen
who pushed to pass the civil rights
laws in 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965 and
Removed from memory are the facts
that it was Republican President
Dwight Eisenhower who sent
troops to Arkansas to desegregate
schools, established the Civil rights
commission in 1958, and appointed
Chief Justice Early Warren to the U.S.
Supreme Court which resulted in the
1954 Brown v. Board of Education
decision ending school segregation.
Meanwhile Democrats in Congress
were still fighting to prevent the
passage of new civil rights laws that
would overturn those discriminatory
Black Codes and Jim Crow laws that
had been enacted by Democrats in
the South. There would have been no
law for President Lyndon Johnson to
sign in 1964 had it not been for the
Republicans breaking the Democrats’
filibuster of the law and pushing
A Covenant With Life:
Reclaiming MLK’s Legacy
My grandfather, Dr. Martin
Luther King, Sr., or “Daddy
King”, was a Republican
and father of Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr. who was a
to have that landmark legislation
No one batted an eye when President
Kennedy opposed the 1963 March
on Washington by Dr. King. Hardly
a ripple of protest was uttered when
President Kennedy, through his
brother Attorney General Robert
Kennedy, had Dr. King wiretapped
and investigated on suspicion of
being a Communist.
Little attention was paid to the
fact that it was a Democrat, Public
Safety Commissioner Eugene “Bull”
Conner, who in 1963 turned dogs
and fire hoses on Dr. King and
other civil rights protestors. No
one noted that it was a Democrat,
Georgia Governor Lester Maddox,
who waved ax handles to stop blacks
from patronizing his restaurant.
Nor was heed paid to the fact that it
was a Democrat, Alabama Governor
George Wallace, who stood in front
of the Alabama schoolhouse in 1963
and thundered: “Segregation now,
segregation tomorrow, segregation
forever.” None of those racist
Democrats became Republicans.
During this time of turmoil,
completely forgotten was the fact
that it was Democrat Arkansas
Governor Orville Faubus who in
1954 had blocked desegregation of
a Little Rock public school. To their
eternal shame, the chief opponents
of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act
were Democrats Senators Sam Ervin,
Albert Gore, Sr. and Robert Byrd, a
former Klansman. All of the racist
Democrats that Dr. King was fighting
remained Democrats until the day
they died. How can anyone today
think that Dr. King, my uncle, would
have joined the party of the KKK?
There is a law of unexpected
outcomes. Who could have
predicted that the black exodus
from the Republican Party to the
Democratic Party in the 1960’s
would have also ushered in decades
of destruction which continue to
plague our communities today?
So what happened during those
ensuring decades? Let’s review the
saga that continues.
In June of 1963, the Supreme Court
upheld the argument of the atheist,
Madelyn Murray O’Hare, and
granted her petition — a decision
whose profound and oppressive
influence worked to ensure that
God was evicted from public society,
across the entire spectrum of the
American governmental system.
From that day to this, not only
has prayer been outlawed, God’s
very name has also been declared
anathema to the United States
Constitution — forbidden to be
mentioned in any federal, state,
county, city or municipal context.
As a legacy of O’Hare’s dark, anti-
God plan, other edicts emerged.
Not only is prayer forbidden in the
public forum, but prohibited also is
the spiritually uplifting display of the
cross. The Ten Commandments are
forbidden. The Bible is forbidden.
Nativity plays are forbidden. Even
the mere mention of the name
of “God” or “Jesus” in schools is
forbidden. More far reaching and
sinister than that, anything that is
even suggestive of those names is
Ten years after O’Hare’s dark victory,
another unholy bargain with the
covenant of death arose — the
Roe v. Wade decision in the US
Supreme Court which enabled the
scourges of hell to kill our children.
The Democratic Party, including
their most recently celebrated
presidential nominee gives blanket
support to upholding Roe v. Wade,
along with support for a $300+
million a year federal tax grant to
Planned Parenthood, America’s
largest abortion provider. Planned
Parenthood was founded by racist
eugenicist Margaret Sanger.
Bereft of the choice to read the Bible
and pray in schools, and armed
with the power to abort babies, our
children and youth are dealing with a
double portion of O’Hare’s covenant
of death legacy. A sea of innocent
blood is being spilled across our
country and around the world.
Children are being preyed upon and
murdered by depraved adults who
should be their protectors.
While the debate over whether God’s
name should be outlawed from our
society, and whether abortion and
infanticide should be condoned, a
voice in the wilderness continues to
cry out, “what about the children?”
That voice is being drowned out
by the raucous noise of the anti-
God secularists and pro-abortion
Who can hear the voices of
thousands of children who
are terrorized in the halls and
classrooms of their schools? Who
can hear the silent cry of each baby
who is artificially breached before
coming to term in his or her mother’s
womb, only to have her skull
punctured, and feel, yes agonizingly
“feel”, the life run out of her before
she takes her first breath of freedom?
Who among us is so cold-blooded
as to vote to deny health care to a
baby born alive during a late-term
abortion and allow that baby to die?
There is a crisis in our community
of our own making. The abortion
rate in black communities is three
times that of whites and twice
that of Hispanics, according to the
Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive
health research group.
Yes, we must be concerned about
health care benefits, affordable
housing, adequate food, jobs and
justice. We must also be concerned
about the higher God-inspired
principles of life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness — principles
that are enshrined in our nation’s
founding document, the US
In this great country of ours, no one
should be forced to pray or read any
religious documents, and a woman
should have the right to decide what
to do with her own body. Thank
God for the Constitution. That
Constitution, though, guarantees
freedom of religion, not freedom
from religion. The so-called doctrine
of “separation of church and state”
is not in our Constitution. Nothing
in our Constitution forbids the
free exercise of religion in the
public square. Inherent in our
Constitutional right to life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness,
is the right to know the serious
consequences of making a decision
to deny religious freedom, or to abort
our children.
Oh, God, what would Martin Luther
King, Jr., who dreamed of having his
four children judged by the content
of their characters, not just the color
of their skin, do if he’d lived to see the
contents of thousands of children’s
skulls emptied into the bottomless
caverns of the abortionists pits?
What would he say about the rivers
of blood of the children cut down in
gang wars and other dark deeds?
It is time for America, perhaps the
most blessed nation on earth, to
lead the world in repentance, and
in restoration of life! If only we can
carry the freedom of repentance to
its fullest potential. If only America
can repent and turn away from the
sins of our nation. We must allow
light and life back into our lives!
Today, I live with a repentant, heavy
heart, and I pray each day for the
Lord’s forgiveness and blessing. I
am a mother of six living children
and a grandmother. Regretfully, I
am also a post-abortive mother. I
offer a tearful prayer that my sharing
the tragedy of my life-altering
experiences will help save the life
of a child yet unborn. In the early
1970’s, I suffered one involuntary
and one voluntary “legal” abortion.
My involuntary abortion was
performed just prior to Roe v.
Wade by my private pro-abortion
physician without my consent. I had
gone to the doctor to ask why my
cycle had not resumed after the birth
of my son. I did not ask for and did
not want an abortion. The doctor
said, “You don’t need to be pregnant,
let’s see.” He proceeded to perform
a painful examination which
resulted in a gush of blood and tissue
emanating from my womb. He
explained that he had performed an
abortion called a “local D and C.”
Soon after the Roe v. Wade decision,
I became pregnant again. There
was adverse pressure and threat of
violence from the baby’s father. The
ease and convenience provided
through Roe v. Wade made it too easy
for me to make the fateful and fatal
decision to abort our child.
I went to a Planned Parenthood
sanctioned doctor and was advised
that the procedure would hurt no
more than “having a tooth removed.”
The next day, I was admitted to the
hospital, and our baby was aborted.
My medical insurance paid for the
procedure. As soon as I woke up,
I knew that something was very
wrong. I felt very ill, and very empty.
I tried to talk to the doctor and
nurses about it. They assured me
that “it will all go away in a few days.
You will be fine.” They lied.
Over the next few years, I
experienced medical problems. I
had trouble bonding with my son,
and his five siblings who were born
after the abortions. I began to suffer
from eating disorders, depression,
nightmares, sexual dysfunctions and
a host of other issues related to the
abortion that I chose to have. I felt
angry about both the involuntary
and voluntary abortions, and very
guilty about the abortion I chose to
have. The guilt made me very ill. Like
my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King,
Jr. who had received the Margaret
Sanger Planned Parenthood Award
in 1968, I became a victim to the lies
of Planned Parenthood. They told
my uncle, they told me and millions
of mothers and fathers that their
agenda was to help our people. They
lied. Their agenda is deadly!
I pray often for deliverance from
the pain caused by my decision to
abort my baby. I suffered the threat
of cervical and breast cancer, and
experienced the pain of empty arms
after the baby was gone. Truly, for
me, and countless abortive mothers,
nothing on earth can fully restore
what has been lost — only Jesus can.
My children have all suffered from
knowing that they have a brother
or sister that their mother chose
to abort. Often they ask if I ever
thought about aborting them, and
they have said, “You killed our baby.”
This is very painful for all of us. My
mother and grandparents were very
sad to know about the loss of the
baby. The aborted child’s father also
regrets the abortion. If it had not
been for Roe v. Wade, I would never
have had that abortion.
My birthday is January 22, and each
year this special day is marred by the
fact that it is also the anniversary of
Roe v. Wade — and the anniversary
of death for millions of babies. I and
my deceased children are victims of
abortion. The Roe v. Wade decision
has adversely affected the lives of my
entire family.
My grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther
King, Sr., twice said, “No one is
going to kill a child of mine.” The
first time Daddy King said this was
to my mother, who was facing an
“inconvenient pregnancy” with
me. The next time, I was facing a
pregnancy, and told him about it. In
both instances, Daddy King said no,
and saved his seed.
Tragically, two of his grandchildren
had already been aborted when
he saved the life of his next greatgrandson
with this statement. His
son, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once
said, “The Negro cannot win as long
as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of
his children for comfort and safety.”
How can the “Dream” survive if we
murder our children? Every aborted
baby is like a slave in the womb of
his or her mother. In the hands of
the mother is the fate of that child —
whether the child lives or dies — a
decision given to the mother by Roe
v. Wade. That choice, the final choice
of whether the child lives or dies,
should be left to God, Who ultimately
says “choose life!”.
I join the voices of thousands across
America, who are SILENT NO MORE.
We can no longer sit idly by and
allow this horrible spirit of murder to
cut down, yes cut out and cut away,
our unborn and destroy the lives of
our mothers. I am very grateful to
God for the Spirit of Repentance that
is sweeping our land. In repentance
there is healing. In the name of
Jesus, we must humble ourselves and
pray, and turn from our wicked ways,
so that God will hear from Heaven
and Heal Our Land.
I, like my uncle, Martin Luther King,
Jr., have a dream. I have a dream that
someday the men and women of our
nation, the boys and girls of America
will come to our senses, humble
ourselves before God Almighty and
receive His healing grace. I pray
that this is the day and the hour of
our deliverance. I pray that we will
regain a covenant of life and finally
obtain the promised liberty, justice
and pursuit of happiness for all.
Let us end injustice anywhere by
championing justice everywhere,
including in the womb.
May God, by His
grace, have mercy
on us all.

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  1. Please consider posting this video and passing it along, it’s amazing. It’s great at showing the distinction between MaCain and Obama in regards to the abortion issue. Please pass this along to everyone you know. We have to get McCain elected… E

    “Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.”
    Ronald Reagan

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