Posted by: rshalomw | October 2, 2008


Barack Obama would be a carbon copy of Jimmy Carter in foreign policy issues.  The mess that we have with Radical Islam can be laid at the feet of Jimmy Carter.  Jimmy was a gentle man but a nightmare in foreign policy.  Jimmy’s support  for the Ayotallah Khomeini lighted the flame for the spread of Radical Islam.  Jimmy Carter could not see that the Ayotallah was a dangerous evil man.  Barack Obama does not see the evil of some of these Islamic dictators.

We need a firm strong leader who will not be deceived by their emotions.  If the whole world wants you to sit down and talk with terrorist minded dictators, a real man says no.  Barack Obama would  not have the resolve to say no.

A vote for Barack Obama would be the same as voting for Jimmy Carter.  Hopefully Jimmy Carter will be shown to be a disaster in the looking glass of history.  We do not need to make a tragic mistake again by electing Barak Obama. 

Radical Islam loves Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter

barak obama  jimmy carter



  1. That should scare people! Jimmy Carter that would be a disaster. Every time he opens his mouth I am surprised at what comes out of it. None of it is ever good. Doylen

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