Posted by: rshalomw | August 28, 2008


1.  Socialist-Marxist leanings

2. Does not know when life begins in a mother’s womb.

3.  “Bully Pulpit”  for the Homosexuals

                                                    Get real!

                                             Elect a real black leader

                        “Two new Obama secrets revealed” :,1_214737_AP0xvs4AAI7SSMQcVA8q%2FCbHgfk,1_213995_APkxvs4AAVlZSMQJRg5NLmYr05U,1_212553_APsxvs4AAYWrSMPj5whhXm9G898,1_213274_APoxvs4AAIXXSMPwLgh%2BwA3K4Io,1_211854_APwxvs4AAR9aSMO8%2Fgl%2FZEap0wk,


Cari, Rezko, and  Auchi: Names to Raise at Every Obama Campaign Stop

J. Michael Sharman



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