Posted by: rshalomw | July 26, 2008


  The decay of every facet of our culture can be traced to people who have a liberal humanistic mindset .  They are anti-God, anti-Bible, and contrary to what they believe, they are anti-truth.  One example is our news media, which to a large part are biased.
They have poisoned many minds in America to come to their faulty way of thinking.

There is much good going on in America but by watching the daily news or reading most daily newspapers one is not made aware of these facts.  An American Journalist, (Jay David) Whittaker  Chambers (1901-1961) said the following in regards to humanism:  “Humanism is not new.  It is in fact, man’s second oldest faith.  Its promise was whispered in the first days of creation under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: “Ye shall be as gods.”   (America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations by William J. Federer.  The liberal humanist has guided people to live their lives according to the following Scripture : everyone did as he saw fit  Judges 17:6b  (NIV).

The following are excellent links that will tell you about the right way to live and tell you the truth, and not the lying deceptions of liberal humanists: ,,

To the liberal humanists that are reading this, know that He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance[t’shuvah in Hebrew] 2 Peter [Kefa in Hebrew]  3:9 (NIV)   John 14:6 records Jesus [Yeshua in Hebrew] saying “I am the way and the truth and the life.  No on comes through the Father except through me.”(NIV)

                                                      Shalom in Jesus



  1. “They are anti-God, anti-Bible, …”

    This allegation seems to be made in pure ignorance. Humanism is not pro-God or anti-God. Humanism has nothing to say about any God. Humanism is about what is human. Humanism is pro-human.

    ” … and contrary to what they believe, they are anti-truth.”

    Truth is correct description of facts. It is fundamentalists, not Humanists, who avoid facts and choose instead to believe by faith. That is what they MUST do. If they are NOT prepared to accept a claim as correct WITHOUT evidence then they are not exercising faith. Humanists believe according to EVIDENCE, not faith.

    “The liberal humanist has guided people to live their lives according to the following Scripture : everyone did as he saw fit Judges 17:6b (NIV).”

    Do you assume that all Humanists are liberals? As to your allegation that each doing as sees fit has something to do with Humanism, can you provide even ONE example of a Humanist alleging this? I know a lot of Humanists and have never heard such a claim made. Why fight a “straw man?”

    Humanists I know are advocates of taking responsibility for the outcomes of your choices – the very opposite of surrendering your will to an alleged “God’s plan” and saying “Let go and let God.” Do you think the Humanists are wrong to tell you we humans are responsible for what we are and what we shall be? Your future is NOT predestined, and Calvin was mistaken. Don’t hide from responsibility! You CAN take charge of your life.

    You link to ICR!! Do you not know that this organization is anti-science, deniers of reality for the sake of comfort? How can you expect to be taken seriously when you identify with creationist obscurantism?

    Faith is fine for children. When people grow up they are likely to become Humanists.

  2. The Truth will set you free
    but first it will make you miserable!

    You will be in my prayers. Nothing is impossible for the God You deny and rebel against.

    Shalom in Jesus

    This will be my last comment to your comment

  3. Liberals are takin the right to have a dominion on the critters. Christ is God and God the truth wants us to show our power over all animals.

    Sportsmanly Man!

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