Posted by: rshalomw | June 6, 2008


We are blessed to live in America where we have the greatest freedom of any country in the world.  We can choose where we want to go and when we want to go.  We love watching our children in the many sports opportunities we have in this nation.  Of course we have some problems like the rising cost of gas and food, but many in the rest of our world do not know where there next meal is coming from,  and lack of security for many families due to dictatorships. In the Islamic nations radical Islamists  are determined to kill them because the are not Muslims.

We  have a rythym of life in America that carries on day after day., but while we carry on with life in America, our enemies from within are busily  planning our destruction and the end of everything we hold dear.

I can”t speak louder or clearer about the necessity of Americans coming together and  having a grassroots effort to do what we  can legally do to persevere our freedom and liberty in this nation.  Every parent must be on alert of the danger that is within our borders.

If you know you are not right with God, repent [t’shuvah in Hebrew].   Repent  means to turn from doing things your way and turning to God’s ways.  Trust in Jesus [Yeshua], not yourself.  Ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit [Ruach HaKodesh]   Attend a Church that believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.  Get baptized.  Read your Bible daily and follow the teachings of Jesus [Yeshua]  Walk in His Love to all you come in contact with.

Education about Islam is essential for every American.  Ignorance and complacency will not perserve our freedom.  I strongly plead with you to check out the following links to keep informed and educated  about the dangers we face.  There are too many in America who are deceived about the threats we face.

I plead with every mother and father who loves their children and this great nation we live in to get involved and encourage your friends and realitives  who are like-minded to get involved.

Check out the following link to read  about former Muslims who were once filled with hatred, but are now filled with love.

                                                                      Shalom in Jesus


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